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Past Life Regression - Know the dangers involved before you dive in

Our past experiences have effects on our current state of mind, behaviour, motives, desires and preferences. These past experiences are usually unresolved issues or conflicts, repressed memories, fears, phobias or traumas. We try to deny and reject the idea of having these memories, fears or problems. However, they will eventually find their way up to the surface or into the consciousness of the person. They manifest in a person's dreams, habits, recurring thoughts or even slips of the tongue. Past Life Regression is designed to combat the effects of unrepressed thoughts.

These undesirable past experiences usually cloud up a person's mind and make him/her fixated on a certain stage of mind. They can not move on. They become dysfunctional. Professional help can be sought to combat these repressed thoughts. Psychologists and psychotherapists specialize in dealing with problems like this. They have techniques to diagnose the problem and eventually identify solutions for these problems.

One such solution is called the Past Life Regression, which involves the technique called hypnosis where the patient is guided by the therapist throughout the process of visualizing some images or scenes that are designed to make him/her visit the past.

Generally, doing past life regression may sometimes involve two dangers. However, being informed and prepared for these dangers can definitely go a long way in controlling the damages.

Physiological Reactions

The mind does not only house a person's memories and thoughts. It also triggers several physiological reactions. Remembering a painful memory or a traumatic experience may make the person nervous, hysterical or anxious. It can cause palpitations, an increase in blood pressure, hyperventilation or even heart attack. Before going through past life regression, it is extremely important to know the health condition of the patient including his/her medical history. It is also a must to prepare first aid or pre-cautionary medicines just in case the situation becomes worse.

Psychological Disturbance

Going through the process of past life regression does not and will never guarantee absolute solutions to problems. The patient's readiness to accept and face his/her fears, painful memories and traumas will definitely play a huge part in the success of the process. However, no matter how ready the patient is at the onset of the process, one will never know what will happen as the process progresses. Going through these painful memories may make the patient undergo psychological disturbances such as low self-esteem, losing one morale or even making the fears and issues worse.

These are just general dangers that may happen. The possibilities may vary depending on the current state of mind, behaviour and general well-being of the patient. Furthermore, the level of resiliency of the patient will also influence the outcome of the past life regression procedure and the dangerous effects that it will bring.

Revisiting your past life or experiences can prove to be tricky, difficult and even dangerous. On the other hand, it can also be proven to be rewarding. However, depending on the complexity of the problem, it may be best to consult mind specialists before attempting to perform a past-life regression procedure. Being prepared for the possible effects is an essential step in the process. After all, the objective of the procedure is to diagnose and identify solutions to the patient's problems and not worsen them or add more problems to them.

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