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Shiatsu Massage – A Worldwide Popular Acupressure Treatment

Most physical and psychological complaints are better treated by going to a qualified physician; however, alternative medicines or treatments can greatly aid in making these conditions better. As a matter of fact, alternative treatments, such as the shiatsu massage, are becoming well-trusted and relied on by many people.

Shiatsu massage is just one of these applications that people actually rely on to bring improved overall health and uplifted spiritual condition. So, if you are suffering from physical and psychological complaints, shiatsu massage therapy can very well help improve your condition.

It does not totally treat but alleviates some body disorders like anxiety, depression, stress, stiffness, nausea, cramps, pulled muscles, cramps, and headaches. Shiatsu massage therapy is believed to help a lot by applying pressure points to the affected parts of the body.

Shiatsu massage is a form of Chinese acupressure method but actually has the meaning of "shi," which means finger, and "atsu," which means pressure, from the Japanese language. It is sometimes referred to as the Zen shiatsu. By the philosophy of balancing energy, it unites the philosophical, medical, and spiritual levels of the body.

The Popular Zen Shiatsu

The Zen shiatsu has become very popular in Western countries, massage techniques have evolved combining them with the philosophy that the energy, also called "chi" or "qi," is circulating along the passage channels, called meridians. If the energy is freely flowing along these meridians, it brings strong energy so that it fetches wasted energy away together with the body's toxins.

But then, it is inevitable that this chi becomes diverted or blocked so that it upsets the natural balance of energy, or the Yin and Yang, causing your body to become physically and psychologically affected too. In order to free it with this negative condition, the blocked meridians must be cleared and the chi restored back by using shiatsu massage.

Another view from the Eastern perspective doesn't see headaches, depression, sleeplessness, swollen joints, and indigestion as discomfort sources; however cites them as symptoms or signs that there exists underproductive or hyperactive chi, either which can be a negative condition. Similarly, the eastern perspective sees that shiatsu massage therapy is good for these conditions.

How Is Shiatsu Administered To You

Before you are applied with the massage therapy, the practitioner first makes any diagnosis, in this case, to assess or find where the energy or chi may be obstructed and siphoned or where it flows healthily. They will inquire if you are suffering from specific ailments. After which, they will administer some light massage to find where the tender or stiff pressure points are. After the diagnosis, firm pressure will be applied on the pressure points running along the fourteen meridians of your body through the use of their fingers, thumbs, palms, knuckles, knees, elbows, and feet.

As shiatsu massage is done on the clients with their clothes fully on, it is advised to wear garments that are loose, comfortable, and thin, like linen or cloth, so it will be comfortable for them. As you receive the acupressure treatment, expect stretching, rotating, and manipulating your pressure points, as well as deep breathing. You are also expected to experience a slightly uncomfortable condition after the massage but this is normal.

Combining shiatsu massage therapy with a good physical workout, healthy diet, and proper lifestyle can lead to improved overall well-being. Having it regularly applied to you can also become preventative as much as healing some specific health and psychological conditions.

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