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Americans are Turning to Side Hustles to Combat Inflation

As inflation increases, many Americans are looking for ways to make some extra cash to reach financial goals faster, save for a big purchase or simply make ends meet. In fact, 41% of Americans need additional income from sources like side hustles, according to a Bankrate survey, up from 31% in 2019.

The rise of the gig economy and a variety of side hustle options may be a solution for some. One option, the Spark Driver platform, powers delivery services for Walmart, Sam’s Club and other retailers, allowing drivers to deliver everything from groceries and cleaning supplies to tools and home decor.

Available in more than 600 cities and all 50 states, the platform allows independent contractors to earn money by delivering or shopping and delivering orders in flexible, convenient time windows of their choosing.

What is a Side Hustle?

Different from full-time or part-time employment, a side hustle is a flexible way to provide services while being your own boss. You control which opportunities you want to take and can independently supplement your primary income or bridge the gap between jobs.

Side hustles can even provide opportunities for people who can’t work traditional jobs. In fact, 93% of Americans have a side hustle, according to research from, and 44% of survey respondents said they’re doing it to make ends meet.

Gig opportunities, like shopping orders and delivering goods using your personal vehicle, are increasingly popular as side hustles.

Benefits of Side Hustles

While most people turn to side hustles because of the potential for additional earnings, there are other benefits that can make them a fit for you and your situation, such as:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Available almost anywhere at times that work for your schedule, side hustles allow you to be your own boss and earn extra cash when you want. Be sure to pick one that fits your schedule and can be done at any time. Many offer different windows of time to complete the service and let you choose where you’re willing to travel, which makes it easy to plan around other obligations.

  • Earning Potential: Many people turn to side hustles as a supplement to full-time positions with specific, money-oriented goals in mind. For example, most drivers on the Spark Driver platform drive as a secondary source of income. In order to reach the desired goal, it’s important to know how much you can expect to earn. When receiving an offer, the platform will show the minimum amount you earn for completing the delivery, so drivers know their earnings before accepting offers. Most deliveries also allow for tips, and incentives and referrals create additional opportunities for increasing earnings.

“The Spark Driver platform has made a huge difference in my life,” driver Christina Hinssen said. “It gives me the flexibility to make deliveries when I want and I can spend more time with my daughter. It has given me extra cash to pay off my car and make extra house payments to get my house paid down.”

  • Simplicity: The ideal side hustle is one that can be done without heavy investment or training. Many gig opportunities offer quick sign-up processes through easy-to-use apps and only require a background check, smartphone, valid driver’s license and operational vehicle.

Learn more about how to make extra cash through gig opportunities by visiting or downloading the app.


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