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Ending A Relationship

Vamoose! Adios! Shoo! However tactful you are in ending a relationship, it would still sound like all these.

Ending a relationship is like telling your partner he has terminal cancer. No matter how much you comfort him by saying that heaven awaits him in the end, there is no real consolation to ease the pain.

There are various ways to end a relationship. Some partners say it bluntly, while others use signals to mean that they want “out”. But regardless of how people break the bond, each way is as difficult as the other. However, just because you don’t want to cause pain to your partner does not mean that you have to stay in a relationship that you are not happy in anymore. Do your partner a favour by being honest to him. In the end, no matter how painful goodbyes are, he will be left with the thought that you cared enough to tell him the truth.

There are individuals who do not even know what hit them. They wake up one day and realize that their partners left them with nothing but wounded egos and faint memories of perfect love. They think that ending a relationship is as unlikely as aliens invading the earth. But reality bites. And the unexpected that is unfolding before their eyes is a very hard thing to live with. This tactic of ending a relationship works for those who want the easy way out. Those who cannot bear the thought of seeing their partners hurt or angry at them would rather leave in haste.

No one person should be responsible for ending a relationship. You both agreed to be in a commitment, therefore, both of you should agree on when to end it as well. Each love story has three versions – yours, your partner’s, and what really happened. Make sure you both understand and accept the situation with an open heart.

Even if it is probably the last courageous thing you do, make sure that ending a relationship is done by personally talking to your partner. It may not be an amusing scene, but you will be doing both of you a favour in the long run. Don’t let your partner learn it from somebody else. No matter what kind of problems your relationship has, he doesn’t deserve that.

Finally, if you decide on ending a relationship, let it be for the right reasons. Do not let your partner take the blame for any failure. Own the decision to yourself. This way, each of you can move on as easily as the other, and be left with the friendship that both of you deserve.

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